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April Exhibit  "Out of the Blue"
March 29 - May 3

Original Painting by Rehoboth Beach Artist Dale Sheldon
Wild Blue
by Dale Sheldon

Original Painting by Lewes Artist Joyce Condry
Ghost Gum
by Eileen Olson

Original Painting by Bethany Beach Artist Laura Hickman
Cat in Venice
by Laura Hickman

Original Painting by Local Artist Peggy Warfield
Out of the Blue
by Jan Moffatt

Original Painting by Local Artist Lesley McCaskill
Approaching Storm
by Lesley McCaskill

Blue can describe the color or a state of mind.The color blue is dominant in our Delaware landscape. Artists glory in viewing and using the color blue to both describe our environment and also how we are feeling.“Blue” can give greater meaning to our work. This month the artists at Gallery One present“Out of the Blue”.

New Gallery One artist, Jan Moffatt uses poetry to describe her “Waterlilies” acrylic. “Out of the blue shadows, the fresh green water lilies drift on a gentle breeze across the sky clouds' reflections.

Blue is the color of the sky and sea and the backdrop for “Wild Blue” acrylic by Dale Sheldon. “Wild Blue” soar and dance in the wild blue skies. They dive into the cool blue waters for a fresh fish dinner and land to rest.  “Wild Blue” perch on pilings to makethe perfect painting composition.”

“Morning Mist” acrylic by Cheryl Wisbrock describes that “special time in the early dawn when everything becomes visible and emerges from the darkness.  Initially, the sky and horizon seem merged into blue.  As the sun rises, we gain clarity and can see what has been there all along.”

“Out of the Blue” can describe something that appears unexpectedly.  Artists love that! It is a special time to capture something out of the ordinary. Plein air artist Lesley McCaskill, ‘happened upon dramatic clouds moving in and bobbing boats on the waterin typically sunny Florida. “Approaching Storm”, watercolor captures the quiet rhythm and movement of the boats.  Laura Hickman’s pastel “Cat in Venice” portrays a moment “during a walk along the narrow alleys of a very quiet area in Venice, when out of the blue a cat appeared who seemed to welcome me to the neighborhood."

“Out of the Blue” ideas are treasured and explored by artists. “Ghost Gum”, watercolor was painted in plein air last fall by Eileen Olson, “when out of the blue I decided to paint some of the trees a stark opaque white. The location to me wasn’t as important as how I felt as I sat on my painters stool meditating.





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