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January - February Exhibit The Way We Were
January 12 - February 27


Looking back to the past is often filled with nostalgia and wonder.  The artists from Gallery One love looking back to the past. It is for what used to be and often not what is any longer.  Painting “the way we were” can be a memory for the artist and viewer or a pictorial place holder for history.

Laura Hickman’s charcoal drawing visits Bethany Beach in the early 1900’s. "The Loop Canal, Bethany" was painted from an old photograph depicting the Loop Canal in Bethany Beach. The canal made it possible for visitors to get from the train in Rehoboth to Bethany Beach via the Indian River aboard the boat called the "Allie May". Dale Sheldon once again, visits Tangier Island in her acrylic “The Old Crab Shanty”. The first people to settle Tangier Island in the late 1700’s were farmers. The abandoned crab shanty tells an important story about the islander’s transition to watermen harvesting crabs and oysters from the Chesapeake Bay. Jeanne Mueller painted “The Old Shed”, oil, located on the Gallery One property. The listing shed was part of a local farm. It is now a photo opt for many visitors.

Joyce Condry looks to her own past in her acrylic painting “Big Fish Story”. “When I was young my world was very small and everything in it seemed oversized.  I remember thinking that my father was so talluntil I grew taller than he and my grandmother’s old farm house seemed hugeuntil my family moved into a larger house.  Back then, I probably thought this fish I caught would feed a family of five!”

The love of our Delaware landscape is a subject that Lesley McCaskill often paints. “Over the years I have visited this point many times. In the summer, this spot is quite popular for sightseeing, boating and swimming. “Roaming the Dunes” acrylic shows my favorite time, the off season,when the area is quiet and deer roam the dunes. My mind dreams how this area looked in the past.” Eileen Olson’s acrylic and watercolor ink “Looking Back” depicts flowers “that can trigger memories of special occasions in our lives. I am hoping that using an abstract approach offers the viewer a sense of remembering, discovery and celebration.”





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