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October Exhibit Inspired by Music
Through October 31


The artists at Gallery One present the October theme “Inspired by Music”. Music has the power to uplift the spirit and transcend the everyday world. It can soften, energize or deepen ones mood. Music plays a large role in Jan Moffatt’s painting process. “ Music takes me away into an almost meditative state and allowsthe painting to lead me into the world of the imagination. “Bluebells”, acrylic, arose from a memory of a spring woods in Washington.

“When painting, I use music to relax me and gently guide me into the right brain and let my brush strokes react to what I am sensing” says Lesley McCaskill.   Music is perfect to suggest drama, softness, quiet and unity. “Playing in the Surf”, acrylic is inspired by a photograph of granddaughters enjoying the ocean. “I chose this subject because of the all the movement of the bodies against the churn of the surf and my emotional response to the girls. Dale Sheldon painted “Rhapsody in Blue”, acrylic en plein air at the Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam while listening to Eva Cassidy. “The flowing music enhanced the experience of the river of blue flowers flowing through the trees. The yellow tulips in the foreground provide a staccato, with some strong and loud flowers contrasting with the quieter ones."The White Zinnia” pastel by Laura Hickman “reflects the happy, upbeat rhythms of the Bossa Nova music that I listen to while working.  This music carries me and my artwork through the day, especially the dark and rainy ones, creating a sunny ambience in my studio.”

Eileen Olson in her “Harmony in Yellow and Black “creates a visual equivalent of writing a symphony”. The acrylic was created while listening to Sibelius Symphony No. 4 in A Minor. “I used colors, repetition, and layering of shapes to evoke the sounds and mood of the symphony. Responding to music and digging into my inner self, I have discovered unconventional techniques in my art making.”

Many of us are inspired to dance to music. "Moving to the Music" oil painting by Pat Riordan shows a lovely couple displaying their dance skills while others sit by watching.







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