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Beach Odyssey
June 27 - July 31

This is the time of year when many families begin their beach odyssey. It is a time for fun, family time, and reacquainting to the longer days and slower pace of beach life. The artists at Gallery One demonstrate their version of “Beach Odyssey”.


May 30 - June 28

Sanctuaries are generally a place of refuge and protection. Delaware is gifted with many areas of sanctuary. “The peacefulness of our waters has become a sanctuary for me and everyone that lives here. Our beaches and nature vistas captivate me” and is reflected in Dianne Shearon’s acrylic “Tidal Marsh”. Artist Cheryl Wisbrock began “Assateague Daybreak”, acrylic, “on my easel before dawn, hoping to capture wildlife and savoring the quiet time in this pristine sanctuary.  I was alone when I set up, and was disappointed to find that I was still alonelong after sunrise... no ponies, foxes, bunnies. Absolutely nothing appeared in the early hours. However, I will always cherish the peaceful time enjoyed in this nature preserve watching daylight grow.”


Up, Up & Away
May 2 - 29

Mary Beth Paterson’s oil “Higher than a Kite” portrays a birds-eve-view of a soaring kite. Her wonderful use of color, value and composition brings kite flying to life. Jan Moffatt’s “Let it Go” acrylic portrays her love of butterfly kites with bright and free flying kites soaring over the beach.“Up and Away” oil by Jeanne Mueller features a festive kite. “I love watching kites on the beach.  I could watch them for hours swirling around on the air currents by the ocean.” 


My Favorite Things
April 4 - May 1

Everyone has favorites. Artists tend to have many and favorites can lead to a lifetime of painting subjects. The artists at Gallery One are pleased to display some of their favorite themes. Gardens and flowers are stimulating in their beautifully colored masses and beckon artists to paint them.“Spring is coming, the sun is shining and flowers are blooming everywhere” is evident in Dianne Shearon’s watercolor, “You are my Sunshine”.


Animal Kingdom
Febraury 28 - April 3

Animals are fellow travelers. They touch us in many ways filling our lives with wonder, joy, and unconditional love. This month the artists from Gallery One observe and experience the animal kingdom.


The Way We Were
January 12 - February 27

Looking back to the past is often filled with nostalgia and wonder.  The artists from Gallery One love looking back to the past. It is for what used to be and often not what is any longer.  Painting “the way we were” can be a memory for the artist and viewer or a pictorial place holder for history.




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