MEET Carmela

Carmela Coleman

Whether combing the beach, wandering through woods or treks to thrift stores… I am always looking for natural elements to incorporate into my work. Handbuilding is an important aspect to all my pottery. Though wheel thrown functional pots are the basis for my current work I seem to need to add a personal touch to each piece… such as… altering shapes and rims and making additions in the form of flowers, sea and animal life.

I started my career in real estate in 1973, growing in that profession for the next 25 years. When I was first introduced to clay I was by then a broker with a company of my own, Old Landing Realty. Shortly after taking my first pottery class I bought my own kiln, turning my garage into a studio and my real estate office into a gallery.

It was difficult to stop thinking about creating something constantly which I know now is a passion for clay. The first few years I did primarily handbuilding, but after many classes on throwing I finally mastered the technique I use to this day. With the help of my husband I have been able to pursue this passion and have been fortunate to be able to keep learning by taking classes in different parts of the country.