Kim Cavagnaro


There isn’t a time that Kim doesn’t remember creating with her hands. She was given her first potters wheel at age 8 and has loved working with clay ever since.  Kim graduated form The University of The Arts in 2001 with a BFA in Crafts and a concentration in Ceramics, during this time of immersive study Kim decided the only way to be completely involved in the entire process of creating was to make every component of her Art herself.  From making her own glazes to even making the porcelain clay she works with.  In 2009 Kim discovered her love for making jewelry and has since been pursing that passion.  She uses only high quality semi precious stones and components she has found or made to make her work as personal and unique as possible.  Which ever medium Kim is working with you can clearly see she has an eye for simplicity, refined shapes and elegant curves. She hopes you can feel the sense of peace she gets from creating, in every piece she makes.