MEET Cheryl

Painting, for me, is an intense and exciting undertaking: I love the process – happily manipulating pigment, medium and water to create a watercolor or acrylic image until it speaks to me; then the conversation begins!

We live in a beautiful area, offering amazing land- and waterscapes and events which inspire and inform many of my paintings.  In addition to interpreting these coastal themes, I also enjoy reliving travel experiences, special times and places in my art.  My paintings are created in the studio or en plein air, where immersion in my surroundings heightens my senses, and where unique environmental challenges sometimes contribute to the fun (!).  I have painted murals, furnishings and other three-dimensional objects, have judged shows and taught private classes, but my first love is what you will see at Gallery One: watercolors and acrylics on paper, canvas and board.

I enjoy participating in juried and non-juried painting events and am honored to have received numerous awards including first place and juror’s choice, among others.   My paintings are held in private and public collections, including a recently completed suite of large paintings for the lobby of a new facility at our regional hospital.

It is a special pleasure when a finished piece is appreciated by others.