MEET Jeanne

Jeanne Mueller


I love art and the process of creating art.  To quote Twyla Tharp, “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home…”  So true, I can lose all sense of time and space while creating a new piece of art.  I love exploring color, light and shapes and creating visual sensations with color relationships and atmosphere.  I enjoy taking an abstract idea I have and making it come to life and express what I feel about a particular subject.

I have a weakness for painting landscapes/streetscapes, especially the area where we live.  I never tire of trying to convey my feelings for the natural beauty and atmosphere I see.  Also, being a “Foodie”, I also enjoy painting anything that has to do with food whether it is restaurants, chefs or veggies and fruit set up as still life subjects.  My goal is to make you want to join in and enjoy what I have painted.

A founding partner at Gallery One, Jeanne also holds memberships in the Rehoboth Art League, The Art League of Ocean City and Oil Painters of America.