MEET Joyce

The beauty and every day life around me is what motivates me to paint.  One of our fantastic sunsets, a child eating an ice cream cone, or a sailboat on the bay are all potential subjects.  I try to keep my camera handy and my computer is filled with images I’ve captured.

I can thank my cousin, Jean, for my interest in art.  I was a preteen and she, being five years older, was a worldly woman I looked up to.  She was also an art student so that interest, along with her dress style and make-up, was something I adopted for myself.

I’m a French Impressionists junkie and my work is influenced by that style.  However, American artists Sargent, Eakin and Homer are among my favorites too.  Although I work with a variety of subjects, I believe my greatest joy comes from painting flowers.  I try for larger images with sweeping strokes of color.  The number of colors and hues that can be found in a single petal always surprises me.

I want nothing more than for my art to be remembered with pleasure.  To have a painting of mine loved as much today and it was when it was purchased twenty years ago would be special.