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Sounds I Saw
July 29 - September 1, 2020

Gallery One
32 Atlantic Avenue
Ocean View, Delaware 19970


This month’s theme at Gallery One sounds like nature. “Sounds I Saw,” features paintings illustrating the sounds that surround us here at the beach. While this show’s title may sound confusing there is actually a rare condition called synesthesia, in which there is an association of sounds with colors, or in some people, colors are triggered when musical notes of keys are being played.

Synesthete's (as those with the condition are called) can literally see music. In all of us, each one of our senses stimulate a different area of the brain. Looking at a bright yellow wall, for example, will light up the primary visual cortex at the rear of your brain. You may also feel like you can “taste” the color of the wall while you look at it. So, when you are sitting the beach enjoying the “music” of your environment, what images and colors flood your mind?

Michelle Marshall’s acrylic painting, “Sound of a Summer Day,” gives us some ideas: the laughter of children playing in the waves, an overheard conversation between friends, gulls squawking in the distance, or the smell of the sea, all create mental images of vibrant hues of yellow and orange and deep blue.

The “white noise,” of gulls in the background creates an ethereal blue feeling in Lesley McCaskill’s acrylic painting, “Flight,” where the clouds and blue sky swirl like waves around the birds. Or one can hear the less often heard sounds of herons, as in both Cheryl Wisbrock’s acrylic painting, “Dune Flyers,” and Dale Sheldon’s acrylic, “Heron IV.”

Laura Hickman’s “Early Summer Morning, Bethany Beach,” in oil, captures the sound of stillness and gentle walking that the morning emits, all the more precious due to its fleeting nature. And speaking of the sounds of morning – Joyce Condry’s “Woody”, done in acrylic, puts an image to her morning listing ritual.

Marybeth Paterson’s oil painting, “Garden Song,” almost sings with vibrant summer color. Marybeth feels that the sounds we hear now respond to the difficult times we face: birds are singing louder, flowers and gardens are bursting, and our skies are clearer and quiet. The sounds we now hear at the shore, in gardens or in open fields, reflect and resound more strongly and we appreciate simple, beautiful things that surroud us.

And on a slightly divergent “note,” Scott Broadfoot’s oil painting brings his classical approach to the challenge of depicting sound, albeit by depicting silence. In “Quiet as a Mouse”, Scott’s still life derives its inspiration from European still lives and their symbolic depictions, which became particularly popular with the middle class during the 17th century. The secret meanings behind the painting’s objects and their unofficial language spawned several sub-genres, including floral still life, breakfast paintings, banquet still life and a personal favorite, vanity’s. The ground-dwelling mouse appears in many Master still life paintings and was a symbol for being frugal, quiet and prudent.

We hope you will give our show at Gallery One this month a “listen,” we look forward to hearing what you see. We are open every day from 10-5 pm.


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