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The Color Blue
January 2, 2020

Gallery One
32 Atlantic Avenue
Ocean View, Delaware 19970


This month’s theme at Gallery One is all about Blue. While some may find themselves with the post-holiday “blues,” the artists at Gallery One are taking the idea of blues into a more optimistic direction. Blue represents both the sky and the sea (and both are on view here this month), and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents meanings of depth, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, and stability. As the color of the spirit, blue invokes rest and tranquility.

On the color wheel blue is considered to be cool and is the only “cool” primary color, its warm complement is orange so you will often find compositions based around those two colors, an interesting example of this is in Laura Hickman’s pastel painting, “Tyrrhenian Blues," where she has beautifully used the orange as a shot of color to contrast with her paintings range of cool blues. The Amalfi coast faces the Tyrrhenian Sea, where gorgeous blues abound. Laura’s painting depicts the back of a church in Atrani showing the blue sky, the blue door and the contrasting red orange of the tiled roof.

In Lesley McCaskill’s watercolor painting, “Blue Hydrangeas” blue is a cool color surrounded by cool colors, greens and purples. Her painting exudes a peaceful quality in addition to the crisp beauty of the floral image. The large rounded blooms are eye catching with many shades of blue. I would describe them as refreshing and stunning sometimes echoing the sky above.

Dale Sheldon’s acrylic painting “Blue Flowers of Keukenhof” illustrates a blue “stream” of flowers flowing down a bank between trees at Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam. The intense blues are bordered by red and white tulips, creating a striking scene in this beautiful garden.

“Blue Skies Ahead,” an acrylic painting by Cheryl Wisbrock was created on the Bethany boardwalk, as gray skies were clearing over the ocean after a stormy weekend. Watching the blue sky emerge was a joy.

In Joyce Condry’s acrylic painting, “Great Blue Heron,” the artist immortalizes the iconic marsh bird in shades of cool blue. The Heron is a solitary creature and the color blue seems a good fit for his cool nature.

“View from Oakwood Street," is a water media with collage piece by Eileen Olson. Blue, as in the ocean cerulean blue. Blue, as in the blue azure sky. What's not to like with the color blue that has so many variations of hues?

We hope you’ll beat the blues this month with a visit to Gallery One.

Gallery One is open 7 days a week, 10-5. The Gallery is always staffed by an artist.





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