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Artists’ Choice
January 7 - March 1, 2022

Gallery One
32 Atlantic Avenue
Ocean View, Delaware 19970


Gallery One is pleased to announce our January, February show, “Artists’ Choice”, open to the public January 7, through March 1, 2022.

As 202l comes to a close, the artists at Gallery One proceed toward the winter months with the opportunity to choose their own theme to usher in the new year. While that may seem like the scope has been too broadened, in fact this theme allows the observer to get to know the artists more intimately. The dictionary definition of choice is selected with care, worthy of being chosen, of high quality. So, we have insight into what the artist themselves uniquely value. If you collect an individual artist’s work you will have unique insight into what they appreciate, what inspires them visually, and emotionally. Not surprisingly most of our artists chose local landscapes. So, to begin, I will focus on an artist that did not choose a landscape. In “Let’s go Fly a Kite,” an acrylic mixed media painting by Mary Bode Byrd, we are invited to appreciate that Mary has a taste for the graphic and abstract. A love of color and motion in her approach to painting. Mary’s painting is Calder-esque in its compositional balance. Exciting in its bold graphic lines and color, we are offered a window into who Mary is artistically.

Gallery One is distinctive in its visual love for our area. No surprise then that our artists “choose” to represent that love. Artists Dale Sheldon in her painting, “Winter Sunrise,” and Cheryl Wisbrock in her piece, ‘Canoe and Kayak Access,” and Michelle Marshall in her work, “Waiting,” illustrate the local landscape in its classical beauty. The exquisite colors of sunset, the panorama of the bay, the discreet majesty of a heron patiently stalking her prey with the distinctive marsh landscape in the background, tell the story of our area. Artist Joyce Condry, in her acrylic painting “Early Morning Marina,” adds our local love of boats with her depiction of an early morning marina, and artist Laura Hickman brings us back to the “local” with her depiction of a classic Bethany Beach cottage cloaked in snow, and gentle evening light, in her pastel, “Winter Light.” Artist Lesley McCaskill shares the view from her local backyard, focusing on the everchanging quality of light and the play of colors that delight the eye as each new season transforms the landscape. Finally, our newest artist, Cindy Beyer, brings the winter light to a back-bay view nestled in frost, and warmed by the setting sun in, “Fire and Ice,” pastel on paper.

Please contact us at: 302-537-5055 or our email: art@galleryonede.com.

Gallery One is open 7 days a week. The Gallery is always staffed by an artist.


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