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June 2019 Exhibit Roadtrip
May 29 - June 25


Gallery One is pleased to announce its June theme "Road Trip Along Route 1" open to the public May 29 - June 25, 2019.

The Route 1 Corridor between Rehoboth Beach and Ocean City is well traveled by locals and visitors alike. However it is seldom that "commuters" get such a picturesque view. This month’s theme at Gallery One features the artist’s impressions of this stretch of coastal land, encompassing beach, marsh and small town landscapes. This diversity of perspectives in one theme is illustrated beautifully by the works of artists Lesley McCaskill and Joyce Condry with their colorful 'portraits’ of the iconic Starboard Restaurant juxtaposed with the peaceful marsh landscape of artist Dale Sheldon.

In Dale Sheldon’s acrylic painting, "Fog, South of Tower Road," she is heading south on Route 1 just past Dewey Beach where there are a series of small waterways between the road and Rehoboth Bay that can be quite picturesque. This painting shows a foggy day that mutes the colors of the landscape, with only the foreground sharply in focus creating a peaceful and serene view.

In "The Starboard" an acrylic painting by Joyce Condry, she pays homage to the Dewey landmark. "It’s hard to miss this Dewey Beach institution that has been a fixture on Route 1 for decades. Some of its regular customers only know the section of Route 1 between their house and The Starboard. If you miss its iconic sign and blue and white striped awning you’ll be sure to see the shark head leaping out at you as drive by."

Lesley McCaskill in her acrylic painting, "The Starboard and Dancing Sharks," takes a more graphic design perspective in her illustration of the Starboard, detailing how the graphic nature of the Starboard always grabs her eye as she drives through Dewey Beach on Route 1. "So much to see with happy shades of blue, the variety of roof lines, many openings of window and doors and the sharks!! From a great white mounted near the roof to the stylized metal dancing sharks in the parking lot it is a beach happy place".

Artist Laura Hickman’s pastel painting, "Waiting for Summer," illustrates how for locals the view along route 1, changes to reflect the seasons. During the summer months Coastal Kayaks on Rt. 1 in Fenwick Island is usually a bustling place filled with colorful sailboats, paddle boards and kayaks. This pastel from April shows just a few kayaks and shuttered buildings…all waiting patiently for the summer (just like all of us!).

The trip down Route 1 isn’t just visually delightful it can also expose us to a piece of history. In "Towers Three and Four" artist Cheryl Wisbrock’s watercolor landscape painting, she shares how The Delaware coast was protected by 11 observation towers during World War 2. The farthest south is called Tower 1 and is located near Fenwick Island; Towers 3 and 4 are at Dewey Beach, where #3 is the subject of a restoration project. It makes for a fun and educational field trip.

Artist Mary Bode Byrd’s mixed media painting, "Fishing On the Dock of the Bay" caught a fisherman one early morning on Assawoman Bay. The artist loved his orange shirt against the dark blue water and blue sky and the horizon of Ocean City in the distance.

And In "Mickey’s Crab House" artist Eileen Olson’s watercolor painting of Bethany’s iconic summer dining experience Mickey’s Crab House, the artist shows how an image can bring back all the memories of shared family fun, "Eating steamed crabs is part of the summer fun here in Bethany Beach. Mickey’s Family Crab House is right around the corner from me and has been there for as long as I can remember. It represents one of the many fun restaurants you’ll find on the route 1 corridor."

Gallery One invites you to visit and experience the unique artistic creations and perspectives of all of its fifteen gallery artists and artisans.





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