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June Exhibit Sanctuary
Through June 28


Sanctuaries are generally a place of refuge and protection. Delaware is gifted with many areas of sanctuary. “The peacefulness of our waters has become a sanctuary for me and everyone that lives here. Our beaches and nature vistas captivate me” and is reflected in Dianne Shearon’s acrylic “Tidal Marsh”. Artist Cheryl Wisbrock began “Assateague Daybreak”, acrylic, “on my easel before dawn, hoping to capture wildlife and savoring the quiet time in this pristine sanctuary.  I was alone when I set up, and was disappointed to find that I was still alonelong after sunrise... no ponies, foxes, bunnies. Absolutely nothing appeared in the early hours. However, I will always cherish the peaceful time enjoyed in this nature preserve watching daylight grow.”

Artist Claude Monet created a magnificent garden in Giverny. The gardens quiet beauty and solitude inspired “Boat and Water Lilies” acrylic by Dale Sheldon. “A water-lily pond, surrounded by trees and flowers creates a peaceful sanctuary where the sounds and smells, and the soft colors bring refuge and peace.” Marybeth Patterson’s “Not Yet Friends”, oil was inspired at a wedding in the Audubon Society bird sanctuary in Maryland. Rare white pelicans in Florida inspired Pat Riordan’s acrylic “Pelicans Enjoying Florida Waters”.

Many times we speak of sanctuary and solitude together.  Jan Moffatt ‘s oil, “House on the Dunes” depicts “a house on the dunes nestled among wild flowers with a private beach facing the ocean thatprovides a calm, soothing sanctuary. Imagine waking up, opening the windows to fresh ocean breezes, the sound of waves, and birds singing while you watch the sunrise.” “Winter Light”, charcoal by Laura Hickman “describes the brilliant, angled light of winter, when my warm and bright home becomes a sanctuary from the frigid temperatures and very short days.” 

”Plein air artist, Lesley McCaskillsays “when I think of sanctuary I think of a place where I can be quiet, connected to the spirit of my surroundings. “Docked”, acrylic was painted on location at the Fishery in Placida, Florida. This little harbor is home and refuge to a few working boats and the rare white pelican. Periodic openings in the thick foliage reveal parts of boats and the small islands that protect the harbor.”

Sanctuaries are not always seen. Sometimes they are felt. “State of Being”, acrylic by Tara Funk Grim, “came forth on its own without any preconceived ideas or words.  Painting is my sanctuary where the artist and the canvas and the muse journey together. “State of Being” visualizes the journey of the creative experience.”





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