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May 2019 Exhibit In My Backyard
May 1 - May 28


A backyard is a yard at the back of a house, common in suburban developments in the western world. Such a simple definition hardly does justice to the "backyard" that we are blessed with here at the beach, and the artists illustrating that theme this month at Gallery One offer up the proof of that beautifully. In Dale Sheldon’s acrylic painting, "Beach at James Farm," she sums up that idea in her own words, in describing the inspiration for her work, "Living in coastal Delaware allows us to consider the ocean and the nearby bays as part of our own backyards. This treasure lies right near the Indian River Bridge! With gentle waves and nice sand, it is a perfect place to walk, kayak, or just relax."

For artist Laura Hickman a backyard isn’t simply a physical location, it’s also a source of memories and a vantage point for an ever changing show by nature. In her vibrant pastel painting, "Sunset, White’s Creek" she depicts a sunset over the water in warm and cool tones with reflections echoing the emotional setting, in her words, "The porch of my parents’ home on White’s Creek has been the viewing point for sunsets year-round for many years, but the warmer months bring the most spectacular show, making it the perfect backdrop for conversation, dining and memories."

Three of this month’s paintings pay tribute to the welcome visitors that a backyard can bring into our lives. In "Backyard Neighbor" an acrylic painting by Joyce Condry, she utilizes a classic still life motif to depict a wonderful, chubby cat that visited the backyard of her vacation home. In "Oh Deer," artist Cheryl Wisbrock’s watercolor landscape painting, the focal point is a visiting deer in a strand of viridian trees, and in Lesley McCaskill’s acrylic painting, "Backyard Visitors," three snowy egrets are featured with the gentle morning light illuminating the marsh as a backdrop.

Artist Mary Bode Byrd’s mixed media painting, "Geraniums," celebrates the beauty that can be cultivated in our backyard oasis, the complementary reds and greens pop off the canvas.

And In "Hazy, Hot Pool Day" artist Marybeth Paterson’s oil painting of her backyard, the classic backyard of summer that we all want is exemplified! The Hockney-esque painting exudes the delight of summer evenings playing by the pool. The graphic quality of the piece gives it punch while the bright colors feel beachy and inviting!





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