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Double Vision
April 29 - June 2, 2020

Gallery One
32 Atlantic Avenue
Ocean View, Delaware 19970


This month’s theme at Gallery One is “Double Vision,” and our artists are seeing double. Strictly speaking, double vision is the simultaneous perception of two images or scenes, usually overlapping, and would be disconcerting to say the least. However, at Gallery One this month our artists are exploring their perceptions of double vision in reflections or pairs of things -- in unique and beautiful ways.

Michelle Marshall’s acrylic painting “Two by the Sea”, with a vast evening sky reflected in the marsh and a pair of egrets heading home, incorporates both.

Although reflecting very different locales, artists Laura Hickman and Dale Sheldon both feature architectural elements in their works. In Laura Hickman’s pastel painting, "Reflections,” The canal's reflection of buildings in Burano, Italy, is her version of a double vision. The still but slightly moving water is mirroring the image above, creating two visions of the colorful primary complementary blue and orange facades. Dale’s acrylic painting “Two Cottages”, illustrates two old Rehoboth Beach cottages, one of which is slated for demolition, the Joseph House which was built in 1922. It’s next door neighbor at 415 Rehoboth Avenue, is a two-story cottage with the iconic cottage architecture found in this beach town in the early 1900's. Images of the two have been captured and preserved on canvas!

Jeanne Mueller’s oil painting, “Kayak Ride”, and Lesley McCaskill’s acrylic painting, “Promenade by the Shore”, make us think of pleasant summer memories of activities that we can’t wait to get back to soon. Water creates "Double Visions" all the time. It is fascinating to watch...the movement, the color changes and the reflections it shows us.

In Lesley McCaskill’s painting, the many shades of blue swirl around the multiple pairs of beach combers enjoying the day. In art, repetition is a design element that create a sense of unity. It seems so natural to share an experience with another and an experience just becomes richer! Lesley’s painting brings this back to us, especially at this time.

The experience of birds and nature is never far from our artistic thoughts here at the beach, and Cheryl Wisbrock, Joyce Condry and Marybeth Paterson’s paintings bring our shore birds to life on canvas in doubles.

Cheryl Wisbrock’s "Two's Company” in watercolor was painted plein air along the edge of the bay on a balmy, overcast day. In Joyce Condry’s acrylic painting, “Watching the Fog Come In”, two is certainly company. Joyce utilizes the square format effectively, and achieves an ethereal effect with her use of color and scumbling in depicting the misty fog enveloping the pair. “Soulmates,” an oil painting by Marybeth Paterson, features sandpipers and their reflections. Sandpipers are a symbol for solving problems and going great distances to achieve their goals!




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