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Celebrating the Still Life
November 3 - December 1, 2021

Gallery One
32 Atlantic Avenue
Ocean View, Delaware 19970


Gallery One is pleased to announce the November show, “Celebrating the Still Life,” opens to the public November 3 - December 1, 2021.

This month at Gallery One the artists pay homage to the classic still life. Still life is defined as a collection of inanimate objects arranged together in a specific way. The magic of still life paintings is that they can show us a new way of looking at the ordinary objects around us. Andy Warhol’s soup cans are a perfect example of this. Once the objects are placed into a specific arrangement, and captured in time on the canvas, they also begin to create their own narrative. A lovely example of this is "Seafood Chowder," an oil painting by W. Scott Broadfoot, depicting in exquisite realism the ingredients for a classic winter soup. Northeasterners know the satisfying benefits of a good chowder—warm and comforting in the winter. This is especially true when it’s a Manhattan-style fish chowder, with a base of tomato and white wine. Each element becomes synergistically more than just an illustration, together they tell a story, and bring back memories.

The objects chosen for a still life often have a special meaning, either on a personal, cultural, or religious level. These are sometimes designed to provoke introspection or emotion. The viewer is invited to ask, “What does this mean?” While it may at first seem to be a simple floral, the addition of an extra element can add mystery. In Marybeth Paterson’s Oil painting, “Morning Coffee,” she is sharing her morning ritual with us, “The mornings are the best time for me to paint. It's quiet and calm, the light is often at its best and I have a clear head with new ideas about what I want to explore on the canvas. And then there is coffee. That combination came together for this still life of lilies and lemons, with varying brushstrokes, the slightly off-balance composition using cool colors in contrast to a warm cup of coffee.” In “Sunflowers and Apples” an acrylic by artist, Dale Sheldon, we see a treasured family wedding gift. “Sunflowers in a vase with a variety of fall apples around them create a colorful autumn still life. In the foreground sits a fruit knife, a treasured family heirloom.”

In Cheryl Wisbrock’s, “Stems and Roses,” and Mary Bode Byrd’s, “Paper, Posies, and Pears,” the flowers and their vases conjure multiple meanings. Among them the fleeting beauty of a cut flower (symbolized by the lone fallen petal in Cheryl’s painting), the changing seasons, and the significance of different shapes (Mary’s vase echoing the shape of the pear, perhaps a nod to the female form).

In Lesley McCaskill’s acrylic painting, “Delights of Fall by the Kitchen Window” in acrylic, Michelle Marshall’s, “The Window,” and Laura Hickman’s pastel, "Summer Zinnias," the window plays a role in the still life’s narrative. Lesley’s flowers and fruits of autumn share the stage with birds heading south for the winter, while Laura’s zinnias are the quintessential story of a summer garden. Michelle’s window flowers are a slightly edgier bunch, their harder edge painting style illuminated by early spring light, while the eager plants look forward to spring.

We hope you’ll join us this month to explore the many stories depicted in, “Still Life,” at Gallery One. Gallery One is open daily 10am – 5pm, through October 31. Beginning November 1, we will be closing at 4pm.

Please contact us at: 302-537-5055 or our email: art@galleryonede.com.

Gallery One is open 7 days a week. The Gallery is always staffed by an artist.


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