Thanks for the Memories

November 29, 2023

Gallery One is pleased to announce the November show,Thanks for the Memories” open to the public November 29, 2023, through December 30, 2023.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but memories are priceless. This month at Gallery One, memories that our artists are thankful for are on view. In artist Joyce Condry’s acrylic painting, “Pecking Order,” we observe a delightful pair of hens, but what we are really catching a glimpse of Joyce’s childhood. “Life at my grandmother’s little farm centered on the chicken coup and vegetable garden.  Chicken feed was scattered in the morning followed by egg gathering.  Garden chores took place in the afternoon.  On Saturday it was back in the chicken coup to begin preparations for Sunday’s dinner.” Artist Eileen Olson’s oil painting, “When the Sea Meets the Sky, speaks to the memory of a special friend, and a special place. “This painting was done in remembrance of my mentor and my bestie, Barbara, who made my trip to Wales a whole whale of fun.” For artist Laura Hickman traveling means discovering new places and then cherishing the memories. In Hickman’s pastel painting, “Cafe in Morning Light, Amsterdam,” she recalls how in Amsterdam, it is often overcast, cold and rainy, but when the sun does make an appearance people rush outside to soak up the elusive rays. And in “Moonrise at Arches,” Dale Sheldon’s acrylic painting this month, she “remembers a spectacular vista in Arches National Park, with a full moon rising as the sun was setting. The colors and light were unforgettable. Speaking of unforgettable color, Cindy Byer’s pastel painting, “Memories of The Bay,” dazzles in shades of orange and lavender. Cindy has been studying and enjoying this oasis on the Indian River Bay for two years’ worth of sublime paintings. “There is nothing like sitting on the dock of the bay watching the sunsets go by.  No matter how many times I paint it, it still excites me knowing that I’ll never be out of subject matter, always more good memories yet to come.”

In artist Lesley McCaskill’s acrylic painting, “Contemplation,” we observe the making of memories. “I saw this gentleman and the man on the beach.  Each seemed to be caught up in their private thoughts or making their own memories.” Sometimes a location can be imbued with its own life and memories. In Cheryl Wisbrock’s watercolor painting, Little Garage,” Cheryl embarks on a reverie of musings about the life this little structure has lived. It is still in use, although has obviously seen better days. I was struck by its simple design, the once-elegant columns and portico.  I’m sure lots of memories are attached to the garage.  I imagine a shiny new car parked inside when it was in its prime, days spent waxing, cleaning, and tuning up cherished vehicles over the years I bet bicycles and skates were stored there, and that it likely served as shelter for children’s play time.  I think it’s now used as a garden shed, as a glimpse of green garden is visible through its back door.  I really enjoyed painting it plein air in a nearby town.” Marybeth Paterson’s “Key West Memories,” was painted last February with a local plein air group at Higgs Beach in Key West. Along the beach in Key West there are many interesting people and places to paint, this spot, “Salute’s” is a favorite for those lazy afternoons where a nice cocktail is the perfect ending to the day. 

We hope you’ll make some new memories with us this month by paying us a visit, and strolling down memory lane, at Gallery One, we’re open daily 10am – 4pm.