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Photo of Delaware Artist Jan Moffatt

Jan Moffatt


Art has always been at the core of my life.  As a child I played along the coast of Connecticut, in swamps and on beaches, painting the water and weeds and sky and fields. I was totally mesmerized, transported by the power and beauty of nature.

I still feel the thrill of immersing myself in the landscape and playing with paint!   My paintings are daydreams, imaginings, meditations of places remembered or dreamt. I strive to take the viewer on a journey into the landscape, across the field... away from their day-to-day problems.

As an intuitive painter, I paint from the inside out. Communicating the feeling of a certain moment in time is more important than replicating an exact scene.  In July 2007 issue of elan magazine, Trudi Van Dyke, wrote of my process in her article, Merging of Memories,— 

“She is able to draw on memories in conscious and unconscious ways. With camera in hand, this avid traveler documents the places... unlike many artists, she doesn’t use her photographs for direct application to a painting, but instead allows them to remind her of moments in time and space...Painting with a somewhat Zen-like detachment, she allows each piece to lead her in its own way to completion. ”

My work often reflects painting trips to England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and Italy.  Soon after my first painting trip to England with The Art League, I painted a cottage with a blue door. It was titled If I had a cottage, I’d paint the door blue.  That painting was the beginning of The Blue Door Collection.  In 2014 I began The American Farm Collection. The deserted barns and chicken houses of Delaware that are being reclaimed by nature have inspired new additions to the collection. I learn as much as I can about each farm and imagine how it was once full of life.

I fall more in love with painting everyday. I moved to Delaware in 2016 and enjoy painting the incredible landscape.

I am excited to share my work with you

Original Painting by Jan Moffatt
Original Painting by Jan Moffatt
Original Painting by Jan Moffatt
Original Painting by Jan Moffatt
Original Painting by Jan Moffatt
Original Painting by Jan Moffatt




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