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Leo Kahl


My art is a reflection of myself. Never pretentious, sometimes romantic, sometimes sentimental. I look for the abstract effects of light on our world first, then the underlying narrative. Mundane moments interest me more than grandiosity, as we spend most of our lives amongst it. I strive for simplicity, in my art and my life. It is in simplicity that I find truth and tranquility. I primarily choose the medium of watercolor to express my emotions towards events and happenstance in my life. The discovery of watercolor and its possibilities have changed my life. It’s simultaneous dualistic nature of simplicity and complexity mirrors my artistic sensibilities.

My joy is found in the actual execution of my work. It is there that I can be alone and enjoy the partnership that is watercolor. I utilize a full range of watercolor values to create dramatic passages of light. The mediums idiosyncrasies and unruliness never cease to amaze me as I allow them to have equal say in the outcome of my paintings.




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